Professional recording and production! Making your musical vision a living, breathing thing is my top priority!

Got stuck with arrangements? Need assistance with your lyrics? Require professional studio musicians to complete your studio band? Don`t worry - I got you covered there as well. Of course I also do voiceovers, re-amping, arranging and if needed I even break up a band brawl at the end of a long recording session.

I`m also very open to collaborations with other engineers. I regularly get booked as a recording engineer passing then on the final tracks to other mixing engineers. Just as often I will be on the receiving end – finishing recording sessions with final overdubs and mixdowns. Bands and songwriters contact me for my unique take on vocal harmonies, guitar overdubs and sound design.

    Get in touch with me for an individual offer!

    Even if you’re forced to run on a tighter budget I’m sure we’ll work something out. Sometimes there are very good solutions to keep costs down so in my experience it’s always the right move to get a conversation started!