I love putting my heart and soul into your music with a keen sense for big melodies, velvety harmonies and chest pumping beats. I am passionate for any kind of genre and music really – in the end it’s always about the people, a common love for making the best possible song and having a great time doing so!

That’s why I won’t bore you with gear talk – don’t worry, I got you covered. But it all starts with a vision and this is what I will be laser focused on! Nowadays we have the freedom to write, record and produce pretty much anywhere – be it in your band room, in a chalet in the Swiss mountains, in a beach house, or in a ‘State-of-the-art’ studio. So let’s seize that freedom and make some remarkable music!

Final touches, overdubs and other sonic shenanigans we’ll add in my professional mixing/production studio.

Let me know if you’re interested in what I could do for your music!